Wetlands you can visit in NZ

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The National Wetland Trust is developing a directory of wetlands across New Zealand that are open to the public.

The Auckland, Wellington, Waikato, Tasman, Northland and Canterbury regions have been completed thanks to grants from Auckland Regional Council, Greater Wellington, the Department of Conservation, Tasman District Council, Northland Regional Council, Canterbury Regional Council and the Norah Howell Charitable Trust. We are currently seeking sponsors to complete the other regions of New Zealand. 

Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a region.

We hope that you will include wetlands in your travels and enjoy visiting these special areas.  Our directory is sorted by regions of New Zealand. Use the map below to locate regions of interest.

Visit wetlands safely and please follow our code of conduct.

  • Take only photos and leave only footprints
  • Fishing for trout from Lake Taupo requires a permit from the Department of Conservation
  • Waterfowl hunting and freshwater fishing (including trout from outside Lake Taupo) in New Zealand requires a licence, contact Fish and Game New Zealand 
  • Please ask permission before entering or crossing private land
  • Keep to formed paths
  • Collecting native plants, and taking or releasing wildlife requires a permit from the Department of Conservation
  • To minimise spread of weed and disease, thoroughly clean boats, fishing gear, and boots between wetlands
  • Please take care with fire, and smoke only in designated areas
  • Leaving your dog at home, or keep it on a leash (unless using it for licensed hunting)
  • Enjoy our wetlands and their inhabitants

Please let us know how your wetland visits went and if we need to update any of our information.

This directory is provided for your information. The Trust takes no responsibility for the information provided in these pages. Some wetland accessways may close periodically for waterfowl hunting, maintenance work, or for safety reasons. We suggest you contact the wetland managers for up-to-date information.

Regions of New Zealand

Use this map to find wetlands in your region of interest. Note that some regions have not yet been completed.




Bay of Plenty


Gisborne/Hawkes Bay




West Coast