Become a Partner

The National Wetland Trust (NWT) has strong partnerships with a number of organisations that have contributed significantly to our achievements. Typically these partnerships have contributed financially and given in-kind support for our projects.

We are always looking for new ways to partner with organisations that build long-term relationships focused on our mutual goals. We treat each partnership individually, and are open to any ideas that could further our aims.

Please contact us to discuss what we could achieve together.

Our aims are to:

  •  Increase public knowledge and appreciation of wetland values
  • Increase understanding of wetland functions and processes
  • Ensure landowners and government agencies commit to wetland protection, enhancement and restoration

See our National Wetland Centre business plan.

Current Partners

The Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservation has partnered with us to deliver wetland symposia, publications and public events. They appointed the NWT as the NGO representative for the Ramsar Treaty (a role shared with Forest and Bird). They have also supported restoration of Rotopiko/Lake Serpentine through the DOC/Fonterra Living Water programme and the Community Conservation Fund.

Pattle Delamore Partners

Pattle Delamore Partners (PDP) are partnering with us to provide assistance with technical services in wetland ecology, remote sensing, environmental and geospatial science. PDP can also contribute to wetland symposia, wetland management, training events and marketing material creation.

Key Industries

Key Industries are a fully New Zealand owned agrichemical and pest control company. They are working with us, alongside Wintec and Toi Ohomai, on solutions to deter exotic bird roosts that have built up to unsustainable levels inside the pest fence at Rotopiko.

Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research

Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research is a regular partner in our biannual Wetland Restoration Symposia. They also support us by providing office space and administration support for our internship programme.

Waikato Catchment Ecological Enhancement Trust

The Waikato Catchment Ecological Enhancement Trust has awarded several significant grants towards restoration of Rotopiko.

Waikato Regional Council

Waikato Regional Council have supported the Trust's project to restore Lake Rotopiko and develop visitor facilities with several grants (e.g. Environmental Initiatives Fund and Small Scale Community Initiatives Fund) and staff contributions. They have partnered with us to deliver many World Wetland Day events.

Waikato River Clean-Up Trust

The Waikato River Clean-Up Trust awarded us a significant three-year grant to substantially restore Rotopiko/Lake Serpentine, including installing a pest-free fence, pest eradication, planting, and planning for fauna re-introduction.

Waipa District Council

Waipa District Council are partnering with us to restore Rotopiko/Lake Serpentine and develop the National Wetland Discovery Centre at Ohaupo near Hamilton airport. We have also received funding from the WDC Heritage Fund and the Waipa District Council Pirongia Ward Committee.

Tumbleweed Tees

Tumbleweed Tees are partnering with us by creating T-shirts that feature indigenous wetland species. The Trust receives a NZ$5 donation from the sale of every adult t-shirt bearing the iconic giant dragonfly.


Mercury partner with us to produce our members newsletter "Wet & Wild", and have supported World Wetland Day events.


digitalstream are our online agency, assisting us with our website and digital marketing to promote the National Wetland Trust.

Fish and Game

Fish and Game New Zealand partner with us on World Wetland Day events, wetland heritage trails and wetland restoration symposia.

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research

NIWA partner with us on World Wetland Day events and our biannual national wetlands symposia.

New Zealand Landcare Trust

The New Zealand Landcare Trust partners with us on our community-led programme to control predators at the Rotopiko Lake complex. We also work jointly on wetland management and monitoring training events and programmes.