Wetland Trails

Discover your trail

We now have three national wetland trails, including walking and driving trails, where visitors can see and learn about different types of wetlands.

To view these trails download the brochures, or pick up a copy from a local visitor centre. 

You can also find out about wetlands to visit in each region via our wetland directory.

Our trail guides

Our trail guides have been produced with generous support from DoC, the Rotorua Botanical Society, Bay of Plenty Wetland Forum, Southland Wetlands Working Party, Lottery Environment and Heritage Fund, Environment Bay of Plenty, and The Mazda Foundation.

We are happy to work in partnership with interested groups or agencies. If you wish to develop a wetland trail guide endorsed by the NWT please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Read our Guidelines to developing a Wetland Trail.

Check out our wetland trails available for download below.

Southland Wetland Trail

Visit a range of wetlands including the Internationally significant Awarua-Waituna wetlands.

Whangamarino Wetland Trail

A 50 km driving trail around one of our Ramsar sites and an associated lake.

Bay Of Plenty Wetland Trail

Visit an estuary, kahikatea swamp forest, lowland swamps, restored lagoon and more.