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Getting people into wetlands is the best way to get them to understand and care about them.

New Zealanders have long had a deep appreciation for our stunning coastline, majestic mountains, and thick native bush – but wetlands have been the forgotten ecosystem. Wetlands have traditionally been hard to visit, left to hardy hunters on a misty May morning, or wader-clad researchers peering at plants. For most people they were out of bounds – wet, muddy, uninviting.

The National Wetland Trust wants your help to turn that around. Help us introduce New Zealanders to our stunning wetlands and their shy creatures.

More and more wetlands have become accessible thanks to many agencies and groups who have installed boardwalks, trails and interpretation signs. We’d like you to partner with us to show people where these hidden gems are.

With your sponsorship we can create a wetland directory for your region. Each sponsor is fully acknowledged and chooses the top four wetlands to profile on our website. For each region we will produce:

  • A web page profiling with colour images a selection of four wetlands to inspire people to visit them
  • A print-friendly brochure of all wetlands people can visit
  • A Google Map link people can download and carry with them
  • A Google Earth tour so they can virtually fly around New Zealand visiting wetlands before they head out to see them for real
  • Links to further information on wetlands in your region

Help us get Kiwis into Wetlands by sponsoring a region.