Useful Wetland Reports

Check the available reports below. Others will be added in the future.

Wetland Delineation: Hydrology tool 2021

Methodology to determine the presence and boundaries of wetlands using hydrological indicators. Developed for MfE to help implement NZ's national wetland policies.

Wetland Delineation Protocols 2020

A set of protocols to delineate wetlands. Prepared by Landcare Research.

New Zealand Wetland Plant List May 2021

Spreadsheet of NZ plant wetland indicator status ratings. An updated list of species that occur in wetlands rated on the basis of their need for or tolerance of wet conditions. (Clarkson et al. 2021)

New Zealand Wetland Plant List May 2021

A report that updates the list of indicator status ratings for vascular plants growing in New Zealand wetlands. Developed to help implement New Zealand's national wetland policies and rules. (Clarkson et al. 2021).

Wetland Delineation Vegetation Tool 2013

A tool to delineate wetlands and their boundaries using vegetation indicators. Prepared by Landcare Research.

Root Cause of Wetland Loss in NZ_COMPILATION REPORT 2020

Prepared by the National Wetland Trust. An investigation into wetland loss 1996-2018 and the weak links in the public policy process that have contributed to it.

Root Cause of Wetland Loss in NZ_4. Practitioner Perspectives

Prepared by the National Wetland Trust 2020.

Defining Natural Wetlands_MfE Guidance Notes Sept 2021

Guidance to support the interpretation of the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2020 and the Resource Management (National Environmental Standards for Freshwater) Regulations 2020

NWT Submission to MfE_Freshwater Wetland Guidance Notes_3 May 2021

Submission by the National Wetland Trust. Seeking clarification and amendments to the draft Wetland Definition Guidance Notes to support the National Policy Statement Freshwater

Ramsar Nomination Guidelines

National Guidance notes prepared by the Department of Conservation, 2016

The Ramsar Convention

A Review Of Wetlands Management In New Zealand (2003)

Wetland Condition Monitoring

Wetland Condition Monitoring Handbook (2004)

Wetland Extent Monitoring

Monitoring changes in wetland extent (1999)

Ecosystem Services

Review paper of the range of ecosystem services provided by NZ wetlands (2013)

Wetland Research

Usefulness To End-Users (2010)