Rotopiko Discovery Trail

Fun and learning experience

The NWT is developing visitor facilities at Rotopiko/Lake Serpentine near Hamilton.

To add extra fun and learning to our visitors’ experience, we have installed a Self-­guided Discovery Trail for families and school groups.

The trail has activity stations where visitors can read a story about a wetland creature or feature, and then try some simple hands­-on activities. See this page for information about the activity stations, with extra information and links. 

The Discovery Trail was designed to encourage kids to learn more about nature while having fun.

Kiwi Guardian Site

Rotopiko is also a Kiwi Guardian site. Find the secret word on the Guardian Post and claim your medal!

See our National Wetland Centre page for information on visiting Rotopiko.

We are very grateful to the DOC/Fonterra Living Water partnership and our intern Noriko Peeters for their significant contribution to the development of the Discovery Trail.