World Wetlands Day


World Wetlands Day is held on February 2nd annually to celebrate the 1971 adoption of the International Convention on Wetlands in the Iranian City of Ramsar.

Each year there’s a new theme for World Wetlands Day and events are held throughout the country. In 2018 the NWT held a Rotopiko Bioblitz, with a group of scientists on hand to collect and display the wide range of plants and animals (or evidence of them through photos/ footprints) living at Rotopiko/Lake Serpentine. The event was sponsored by Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research and was gifted to the NWT by the Landcare Research Bioblitz Competition winner Dr Monica Peters. Watch a video about the Rotopiko Bioblitz.

If you are planning a World Wetlands Day event, have some great event ideas, or are interested in volunteering at an event please contact us.

Find out more about this year’s theme and resource material from the Ramsar website.