Wetland Restoration Symposium 2018 - registration is now closed



Every two years, the National Wetland Trust organises a gathering of community groups, landowners, iwi, scientists, wetland managers and students who are interested in sharing and learning about wetland restoration. Usually spread over three days, the symposia include field trips, practical training opportunities, soapbox sessions and presentations from a wide range of enthusiasts and professionals.

The 2018 symposium was held in Napier from 26-28 September 2018, at the Napier War Memorial Conference Centre. The format comprised two days of presentations and workshops and a whole day field trip.

The theme was Living Wetlands in the Living Landscape.

Keynote speakers included Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage, renowned Australian ecologist Matt Herring and Fish and Game CEO Martin Taylor. 

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Some of the presentations are available for download below.


BENNETT_Biodiversity Hawke’s Bay (1.3 mb)


BILLING_Scrape lakes (2 mb)


BLYTH_Drainage impacts to wetland hydrology (4.5 mb)


BOWEN_Living Water (4 mb)


BURKEPILE_Biodiversity and drain maintenance (1.6 mb)


BURKEPILE_Straw bales to establish Carex secta (3.2 mb)


BUTT_DIXON_Wetland planting plan (6 Mb)


CAVE_Pekapeka Wetland (4 Mb)


CAVE_Waitangi Regional Park (3 mb)


CLARKSON_Sustainability of a restiad bog in an agricultural landscape (1 mb)


CRISP_Wetlands and farming (1 mb)


DELAUTOUR_Monitoring kākahi in Wairarapa Moana (3 mb)


DENYER_Indigenous and local people contributing to wetland conservation (2 mb)


EYLES_Pekapeka wetland (1 mb)


FARRANT_Urban wetlands (5 mb)


FORD_Wetland birds of Te Waihora Lake Ellesmere (4 mb)


FRASER_Hydric soil delineation (8 Mb)


FULLER_Constructing mitigation wetlands (8 mb)


GERBEAUX_Intecol Conference 2020 (3 Mb)


GILLON_Greater Wellington Wetland Programme (2 Mb)


HANSEN_Northland dune lakes (5.7 mb)


HASHIBA_Monitoring Pekapeka (2 Mb)


HERANGI_Nga repo of Maniapoto (6.6 mb)


JENKINS_Avon - Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust (5 mb)


McLENNAN-DEANS_Greater Wellington wetland policy (1 mb)


O'DONNELL_Braided rivers (4 mb)


O'DONNELL_Crake and fernbirds (1.6 mb)


PLEYDELL_Poukawa 13B NWS_Lake Poukawa (1 Mb)


RANCE_National Wetland Restoration Workshop (2 Mb)


RATCLIFFE_CO2 exchange in a remnant peatland (5 Mb)


RILEY_Sinclair Wetlands (9 Mb)


ROBERTS_Wetland Condition Monitoring (7 Mb)


ROBERTSON_Loss of freshwater wetlands in Southland (2 mb)


ROOK_Helping bittern to help themselves (1.4 Mb)


RUSHWORTH_Water quality monitoring in Pekapeka (1.6 Mb)


SCHMECHEL_Workshop_Braided Rivers in Canterbury (8 Mb)


SPEARPOINT_Wellington wetland monitoring (2 Mb)


STUDHOLME_Communities monitoring wetlands (8 Mb)


TANNER_Resilience of a montane fen (6 Mb)


TAURA_Collaboration with Maori (1 Mb)


TAYLOR_Fish and Game NZ (0.3 Mb)


VANHAL_ Arawai Kākāriki (2 Mb)


WALKER_ Waitītiko -Meola Creek Urban Wetland (8 Mb)


WATTS_Invertebrates in restiad bogs (1 Mb)


WHITBY_Establishing wetlands on farms (2 Mb)


WILLIAMS_Bird Monitoring (2 Mb)


WILLIAMS_Home range and calling rate of spotless crakes (3.5 Mb)


WOOD_Wetland e DNA (4 Mb)


WRIGHT-STOW_Accelerating uptake of constructed wetlands and riparian buffers (6 Mb)